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How to drive a child to kindergarten

Children of all ages when they get themselves in a different situation, experiencing the so-called adjustment period. Kid needs stability, it needs consistency. That is why the beginning of kindergarten can be a serious stress for the child. And the younger it is, the longer the period and harder. The task of parents in this situation as much as possible to facilitate the adaptation period and reduce any inconvenience to a minimum.

How to drive a child to kindergarten

Instruction how to drive a child to kindergarten

Step 1:

For children under three years of age adjustment period usually lasts from 2 months up to six months. To further child could without harm to yourself to attend kindergarten, first recommended to give it to the so-called group short stay if parents and teachers have the opportunity. The most comfortable option - to begin to leave the favorite child only - 2-3 hours 2-3 times a week, walking and games. If a child is well adapted to this group, it is possible to increase the number of visits. This should take place gradually, eg 2-3 days full day or half a day to a full week for 1-2 months.

Step 2:

If such an opportunity you do not have (or your kindergarten does not provide this service), you need to start with kindergarten visits for two weeks at 1-1.5 hours. If two weeks the child has successfully passed the kindergarten, the next two weeks, you can drive it for 2-3 hours, adding a breakfast or lunch, which coincides with his individual regime more.

Step 3:

At home, parents can prepare baby to life in kindergarten. To this end, it is desirable to observe the regime of the day, as close as possible to the regime of his future team. The smaller the change schedule crumbs, the more comfortable he will be in a new situation. Assist also playing skills with other children. When you go to the playground or come on a visit to his peers, try to teach a child to get acquainted with their peers and play with them. And, in addition, it will be more independent than your baby, the better. To be able to eat with a spoon and use the potty, just need to teach a child prior to entering kindergarten.