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How to eat properly during pregnancy?

Pregnancy - a very important period in the life of every woman. Every expectant mother wants her baby's health, so it is a way of life involuntarily undergoes various changes. What you should pay attention to, so it's on a diet, because it is a proper diet allows the body to enrich the mother and baby nutrients needed for growth and development.

How to eat properly during pregnancy? Pregnant girl is to focus on protein foods. Protein is a platform for building organs kid. Get it quite easily - with the meat. Animal protein is considered to be more useful in this case, the vegetable. The only thing you should pay attention - this is the quality of the meat. Do not use oil-rich, meat dishes should be thoroughly cooked, it is best to avoid too much fatty food. The preferred dishes during pregnancy are considered dishes of boiled meat. Lightly roasted meat in sour or mild sauce may also be added from time to time in your diet. At the very beginning of pregnancy should pay attention to products containing calcium. To do this, please be dairy products and fruit juices. Also for the full development of the embryo in the early weeks of pregnancy needs manganese contained in bananas, spinach, carrots. If you are worried about morning sickness, make it a rule to add to your processed foods ginger. In the morning you can have a snack in bed pre-prepared apple or cookies. If you have problems with the intestines should consume dairy products. In the second trimester, especially toward the end, it is necessary once again to focus on foods that contain calcium, it is with 29 weeks the baby teeth begin to be laid. Also pay attention to the foods that contain fatty acids, such as fatty fish or nuts. In regions with iodine deficiency is an emphasis on seafood. Closer to leave it is worth remembering and about carbohydrates. They are found in cereals and vegetables. During pregnancy should not indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables, because they are the main sources of natural vitamins. But what it is taboo, so it's alcoholic and soft drinks, a large number of sweets, coffee, fatty, fried, spicy food, dishes with an excess of spices and seasonings, fast food. As the saying goes, all is possible, but little by little. It is better to avoid excess in the diet of citrus and honey, as they may cause potential allergic reactions in the baby. Hard to grasp the stomach food can cause indigestion and heartburn. Eat a lot, but often. Best fed 5-6 times a day in small portions. Feeling hungry before bed, drink a glass of kefir or Eat an apple. Light your pregnancy!