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How to educate the newborn

It would seem that a newborn baby does not understand anything, he only valid instincts. But in fact, the kid learns, he learns to live in it, to adapt to the external environment. Parents need to bring in the baby quality, given to him by nature, show the world around us, to instill behaviors that in the future will help the child to adapt to many changes around.

How to educate the newborn

Instruction how to raise the newborn

Step 1:

From the first minutes of the newborn child's life are accustomed to the regime of the day. For nutritionists, educators developed a special daily depending on the age of the baby. The little human feeding, sleeping, waking to be distributed correctly.

Step 2:

Feed your child from birth to one month every three hours. It is permitted to deviate from this schedule, if the baby does not wake up in time. When pipsqueak requires breasts prematurely, pereterpit. Let the kid will understand what should be done the way you want, and not the way you want.

Step 3:

During the waking child tell stories, sing children's songs. Although the baby is able nothing, his brain is able to perceive sounds. For three or four months a little man distinguishes the image, mother's voice. Accordingly, he was able to compare people and objects around him.

Step 4:

Let baby rattles. Grasping reflex in a child is present from birth. Examining handles new object for him, he develops the senses. On the baby's fingertips are the nerve endings that are responsible for human speech. Avoid very loud toys, because they may frighten the child.

Step 5:

Decorate the room with bright baby items. The world knows the child when there is a new interest in things. Try to communicate more with the crumbs. Try to make it a happy life. Spend time with them entertaining games. With a positive outlook on the world around the mood baby and parents will always be raised. Note that positive emotions improve immunity, your child will be less sick, and moments spent with the baby - joyful and memorable.

Step 6:

Character baby is formed from the first days of his life. And throughout the year the child is able to perceive the world from the other side, which showed his parents. Love the baby, but try to protect it from excessive affection, since it prevents him to accept reality as it is.