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How to educate the parents or a new custom baby

Modern education is based on the mutual respect of parents and children. The principles of excellence are not appropriate. Every child - the same individual, only a little. He already has his personal opinion, the right to their own mistakes. He is a man, like his parents. He simply sees this life in a different way, through the prism of their perception of the world. New methods of education are possible only under the condition that the psychological situation in the family friendly, without stress and conflict. The child is constantly before our eyes to be an example to follow.

How to educate the parents or a new custom baby

Instruction how to educate parents, or new custom baby

Step 1:

You must be respectful to each other, that this ratio has become the norm in your family. If Dad disrespectful to my mother or grandmother, is the use of such education will not be - only harm. Child copy adults and transfers these behaviors in their world. You and your child should have equal rights in the family, treat each other calm, friendly tone.

Step 2:

You should praise the child, helping him to recognize their own importance. Praise stimulates the development of the little man, it forms a belief that he is doing everything right. Motivate him to work.

Step 3:

Avoid negative words towards the child. Children are very sensitive - even if they do not understand the meaning of what was said at once, they will remember your words and eventually learn their meaning. The child must know that he is good. Do not force your child to doubt it. "What goes around, comes around" - if you sow in the child self-doubt, get a problem with his further education.

Step 4:

You have to respect yourself - then you will respect your family and children. If a child is rude to you, do not stoop to rudeness response. Ignore him, making it clear that such an attitude is unacceptable. Not your "authority" press on it. You must be a wise diplomat, communicating with your child.

Step 5:

Take time to listen to a child with him to discuss his problems, be helpful in relation to their needs, become a good friend to him. And I repeat - communicate on equal terms!

Step 6:

More trust your child, even if he shows his independence. Do not discuss it if it is something not so does not alter his work for the child. Let him learn to respect their own work. Cheered the child if he is interested in anything.

Step 7:

Let the child to decide the tasks that will be reflected only on it. Let him learn to make decisions and live his head.

Step 8:

Determine in advance what is acceptable in your family, and what is prohibited. Ozvuchte all their rights to the child. Never give up on these rules, even if you are very annoyed and ask the child to make him a favor.