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How to encourage a child to learn

It happens so that the child does not want to learn, he refuses to do homework regularly gets bad grades. He was not drawn to knowledge and does not try. What to do in this case?

How to encourage a child to learn

Instruction how to encourage a child to learn

Step 1:

Find out the reasons for such behavior of the child. Talk to him, let him tell you how he was doing in school, how he communicates with friends. Perhaps his unwillingness to learn due to the fact that he had an awkward relationship with his classmates. Examine your own behavior. Maybe you too control it? Remember that the strength of the action is equal to the force of counteraction, and the more you make a child, and the use of force, the more it will resist and not be willing to do anything.

Step 2:

Most praise the child for his success, albeit very small. Instead of the penal system (or at least in conjunction with it), use the reward system. For example, for each received five add 15 minutes to the walk time or exempt the child from washing dishes or other household responsibilities.

Step 3:

Limit your child's residence time at the computer and watching TV. On your computer, set the special training programs giving access to games and entertainment only after exercise (eg, English).

Step 4:

Engaged in the development of the child in addition to studying at school. Read aloud with him, go to the theater, exhibitions, attend various cultural events. Discuss read, seen and heard. Telling the child about the lives of prominent people about what they have achieved and at what cost them this was given. Tell stories from your life, the life of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Step 5:

Check to see if your child is not suitable learning system, which is used by a teacher at his school. Maybe he thinks quite differently, and it is considered useless and weak student. Learn about ways of presentation and delivery of training material, try to explain to the child that they are in school, a little bit different.