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How to enroll in kindergarten in St. Petersburg

Maternity leave is over, and a young mother decided to go to work. So, it's time to throw out the kid in kindergarten. In recent years, St. Petersburg has opened more than 10 000 new pre-school institutions. Also, since 2009, changed the order of the child's entry into kindergarten.

How to enroll in kindergarten in St. Petersburg

You will need:

- child's birth certificate; - passport; - A document confirming the right to benefits (if any); - Medical records; - Direction.

Instruction how to enroll in kindergarten in St. Petersburg

Step 1:

Find Address regional commission on complete pre-school institutions. This can be done via the Internet, for example on the official portal of St. Petersburg, or in the near kindergarten. Call the telephone number of the commission in your area and verify the reception hours. They may vary depending on the number of visitors. In periods of great influx of additional hours of work are introduced.

Step 2:

Collect medical records on the child. To do this, you must notify the district therapist about what you are planning in the fall to give the baby to the kindergarten. The doctor will give direction to the necessary tests, as well as a list of professionals required for passage.

Step 3:

Look at reviews of gardens, in which plan to get there. Stop at best 3-4 options. When one institution has a risk of being left without a place - the group may already be typed into it. If a child has specific characteristics, learn where and what corrective gardens there are in your area.

Step 4:

On the day of admission, capturing all the documents, go to the Commission. There you prompt, what a garden is better to go the child, taking into account its characteristics and state of health. After write the statement, you will be given direction to the selected institution, a certificate stating that you have accepted the application and registered the child in the database.

Step 5:

If your work is connected with the trip or the time of its completion later than the close of the kindergarten and the child no one to take, be sure to inform the Commission. Each of the St. Petersburg area has kindergartens with groups working around the clock.