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How to enroll the child on his name

In our bureaucratized world, even the tiniest person must have a document. The first paper of the newborn becomes a birth certificate and the child officially received the name and surname. After the baby is born you have a month to ensure that register the fact of its birth. Taking into account births in Russia engaged in registry offices, so you need to find the nearest to your place of residence department.

How to enroll the child on his name

You will need:

Passport, marriage certificate (if any), a certificate from the hospital.

Instruction how to register your child on his name

Step 1:

Formally, both parents must be present at registration baby. If this is not possible, the missing (usually the mother, which and so many worries) writes the application form: "I, (full name, passport data) trust my husband (full name, passport data) to register our common son (daughter) (Date of Birth). Please assign the child a name and a surname. " Then the couple will be able to independently obtain a birth certificate for his son or daughter.

Step 2:

If the parents are not officially registered marriage, then, contrary to popular belief, the father does not need to adopt their own child. Enough personal presence of the man who wrote the application that he recognizes her son or daughter. On the basis of an application at the registry office, together with a birth certificate you will be given a certificate of paternity.

Step 3:

If the mother has given birth to the child alone, in the column "father" put a dash. In this case, the woman has the right to give the child any patronymic, a wish. The child is assigned to her name.