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How to enter a child in a passport

One decade ago the children necessarily fit into their parent's passport to the registrar office, where the decorations for the first child document - birth certificate. Now, in order to do this, you will have to contact the passport office area, no matter in Russia or passport you want to enter the child.

How to enter a child in a passport

Instruction in how to fit a child passport

Step 1:

In order to enter the child in a passport, you must bring the following documents: your Russian passport, passport and birth certificate. Remember to fill out an application for the child's entry into the passport in two copies. On the basis of this package of documents will enter your child in the passport and put a stamp and signature, confirming your relationship. No matter what your sample passport, new or old, the procedure is the same in both cases. Not necessarily, but it is advisable to fit the child's passport as foreign and Russian sample.

Step 2:

If you enter the child in his civilian passport, it confirms its registration in the Russian Federation. If the child is entered in your passport, it confirms that you are the parent and it frees you from filing a birth certificate at the border crossing.

Step 3:

Remember that even if the child is entered in your passport, it does not give him the right to travel abroad. For departure it is necessary to issue a separate passport regardless of age. It may be old-fashioned, valid for 5 years or a new model of action for a period of 10 years. New biometric passports is. In any case, you will need a children's photo taken in accordance with the requirements of the passport desk. The format provided photos must be 4x5, it is desirable that the photo was in color. Be sure to photograph your face and ears open. Photos presented in four copies.

Step 4:

If the parents are living separately and both wish to enter your child in the passport, it is necessary to do the passport office at the place of residence of each of the parents. In this case, you will collect double the package of documents.