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How to enter Agusha

How and when to introduce the mixture and replace HB (breastfeeding)? When can I start giving mashed potatoes and vegetable porridge? Is it possible to introduce them at the same time? Does this affect the child's health? These and many other issues of concern of young mothers on a daily basis. You will learn how to enter the power Agusha brand.

How to enter Agusha

Instruction how to enter Agusha

Step 1:

The best nutrition for the first year of life is breast milk. But if you can not breastfeed regularly, you can go on feeding adapted infant formula. On the advice of pediatricians, Agusha mixture of (just like any other new mixture) is best introduced gradually. So on the first day replace Agusha ¼ feeding volume, and the remaining ¾ of supplementary feeding mixture, which previously fed (breast milk or if the child is breastfed). On the second day, increase the volume of the mixture Agusha to ½ of all breast volume, respectively, on the third day let the kid ¾ of the total feed volume and mixture of ¼ former or breast milk. It turns out that you can enter Agusha 4 days. However, watch out for the reaction of the child, because any new product can cause an allergic reaction or indigestion. If the child does not have a rash, he steadily gaining weight, do not burp, then you have nothing to worry about. In some cases, a child may begin constipation, while pediatricians recommend Agusha lactic acid.

Step 2:

With regard to the introduction of the diet of baby foods, here you need to follow the rule: should be introduced one new product, starting with half a teaspoon. If a child falls behind in weight is recommended to start solid foods with dairy-free one-component cereal (with buckwheat or rice). If the child is gaining weight normally or if it is prone to constipation should start with a single-component vegetable puree Agusha (broccoli, zucchini or cauliflower). Two weeks later, porridge or vegetables should replace one feeding. For example, you have begun to enter into the diet of baby vegetable puree in 4 months, then after 12-14 days, the volume of vegetable purée should be around 170-200, the 2 weeks after the introduction of vegetable puree in a child's diet should gradually be introduced into the porridge to 5 months porridge replaces the entire volume of feeding. With 5.5 -6 months may be administered to fruit purees.

Step 3:

Curd Agusha preferable to enter, when the child will not be less than six months. Bio-yogurt and drinking yogurt brand Agusha introduced 8 months, milk and yogurt are designed for older kids.