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How to enter into a child's diet of porridge

Porridge - our strength! This is not just an interesting expression, because in many cereals necessary and useful for the growth and development of children and vitamins. They can be administered in the diet of children of about 5 months.

How to enter into a child's diet of porridge

Instruction in how to introduce cereal baby diet

Step 1:

Prepare them yourself or buy at the store. Please note that the finished porridge, which only need to be diluted, are different. They differ in the composition of cereals, the addition of fruit or vegetables, and there are dairy and dairy-free. Dairy-Free Gluten-free cereal designed for kids who can not tolerate milk protein, as well as allergies. There are special therapeutic porridge for children with bowel problems.

Step 2:

Getting the baby to start with rice cereal and buckwheat groats. In buckwheat contains a lot of vegetable protein, which is well absorbed by the child's body. In addition, it is rich in iron, phosphorus, B vitamins and other beneficial trace elements. Rice cereal does not cause allergies, but its composition is somewhat inferior to buckwheat. Note that rice strengthens the stomach.

Step 3:

The first sample - 1-2 tea spoons of porridge. If the crumbs do not have problems, then the next day give it 3 spoons. And so gradually increase the daily dose to age and replace it one breastfeeding or taking the mixture.

Step 4:

After about a month invite your child to try oat and corn cereal. Oatmeal is good because it contains a lot of vegetable fats, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B and E. A good option - porridge made of a mixture of different cereals. They complement each other, and a small gourmet gets a tasty and healthy, and food. Semolina contains gluten, which many children do not digest. Therefore, to give such a mess can be no earlier than 6 months.

Step 5:

You can prepare their own baby porridge. To do this, carefully wash and dry cereal. Then Peremel it in a food processor or coffee grinder and cook the mixture on the breast or on the water. From 6-7 months, you can prepare porridge on the cow's milk diluted 1: 2. When the child gets older, you can not grind the cereal to the baby learned to chew food.