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How to enter porridge babies

Transition of the child to the "real food" - a significant step in its development. If your baby is gaining weight normally and is doing well, you can not hurry to introduce solid foods before six months. But if a child has observed growth retardation and weight, the occurrence of rickets and anemia, the pediatrician may recommend to introduce complementary foods with meals 4-4.5 months. You should start with monocomponent dishes such as cereals containing 1 species of grasses.

How to enter porridge babies

Instruction how to enter porridge babies

Step 1:

To familiarize the child with porridge should be 6-7 months of his life. But if the baby unstable chair, experts recommend starting solid foods from cereals (in 4.5-5 months, if the crumb is on artificial feeding and 6 months, if the mother breast-feeding a baby). Please ask your child only 1 teaspoon of oatmeal. Carefully watch him during the day. If there are no allergic reactions and the chair has not changed, increase the dose by half the next day. Bring to 100 g, and after the portion of the year must be 200 g

Step 2:

Start with a one-component cereals without sugar and other additives. They also must not include gluten (sometimes children do not tolerate it). This protein is absent in food corn gluten, rice and buckwheat. Then, after a gluten-free enter gluten, dairy-free after - milk and one-component mixtures can be replaced by cereals and gruel with vegetable or fruit additives. But do not rush out and introduce them before 10 months.

Step 3:

For the first acquaintance with the new food, in this case with a porridge, choose a time when you're both in a good mood and have not yet tired of the day.

Step 4:

Suggest crumbs try porridge when he is hungry. Do not try that he would be swallowed everything that was in the spoon. It is enough that the child just tried the unfamiliar food to taste. If it did not cause the baby of enthusiasm, leave this attempt until the next day.

Step 5:

If crumb pleased with the new dish, offer him a little more, but never force there by force. After all, at this age he receives from solid food is very low in calories. Therefore, your task is not to feed him, and make acquaintance with the new food was a pleasant discovery. Watch the reaction of the child and do not miss the moment when it considers that it is enough. Then stop feeding.

Step 6:

Proceed quicker, if the child is indignant and cries between sips. Most likely so he asks you to hurry. It is still milk in the mouth of the baby received a continuous stream, and now the gaps between the portions may seem a child is not very pleasant.

Step 7:

Supplementary feeding baby breast or bottle, after he eats the right amount of cereal.