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How to enter lactic acid "Agusha"

In grudnichkovom age many toddlers torture functional disorders of the digestive tract, such as constipation, colic, goiter. In these cases, some pediatricians recommend for young mothers to enter into the diet of baby food sour-milk mixture.

How to enter lactic acid

You will need:

Prosterelizovannaya feeding bottle Sour milk mixture "Agusha"

Instruction how to enter lactic acid "Agusha"

Step 1:

Remove from the refrigerator lactic acid mixture "Agusha" and heat it to a temperature of 36-37 degrees, ie, to a temperature of breast milk. To estimate the temperature of the mixture itself few drops drip onto the inner surface of the elbow or wrist. You do not feel a burning sensation, the skin should be comfortable.

Step 2:

Mould 10 ml of sour milk "Agusha" into a sterilized feeding bottle. On the first day of the introduction of supplementary feeding is better to give a new mixture in the morning or afternoon feeding.

Step 3:

Feed the baby "Agusha" and then supplementation prefab usual adapted dairy mix from a different bottle. Between doses of two different kinds of food do not forget to take a break for 20 minutes.

Step 4:

Feed your baby feeding the remaining "friend" him mix. Remember that if the child's right to feed a new power in full, the baby may be allergic reactions, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Step 5:

On the second day of weaning, open a new package of sour-milk mixture. Mould 20 ml warmed sour milk "Agusha" into a sterilized feeding bottle.

Step 6:

Feed the baby with a mixture of new volume in morning and afternoon feeding. After a 20-minute break after each of these meals supplementary feeding your baby breast milk substitute for the usual position of the child to the age nutritional standards.

Step 7:

Increase the "Agusha" injected the mixture to 60 ml on the third day in the same way. Thus, it turns out that two feeding baby gets 50% of the lactic acid from the mixture of the usual rules attributable to one feeding. On the third day, and use a new bag with the mixture.

Step 8:

Completely replace any two meals with a mixture of sour milk on the fourth day. Do not forget to sterilize the bottle, and the mixture, which is not eaten baby - pour. Remember that the amount of lactic acid "Agusha" shall not exceed one half of the daily amount of food produced a child.