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How to enter the baby vegetables

Natural or artificial feeding grudnichka provide everything necessary for the first 4-5 months. Further, although a sufficient amount of milk or formula, the child needs to have a number of new agents, especially mineral salts and fiber. Their main source of vegetables, and therefore they first appear as a puree. But the baby normally perceive them, you must follow the rules of introduction of complementary foods.

How to enter the baby vegetables

Instruction how to enter the baby vegetables

Step 1:

The first vegetables used for making babies mashed potatoes are potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Choose for the child only beautiful to look at the fruit, with no signs of spoilage. But since they can contain a certain amount of nitrates and other harmful substances, a few hours before cooking or evening soak them in purified form in cold water.

Step 2:

To prepare mashed potatoes, take the average. He must be half the ingredients. Everything else - the carrot and cabbage (later more and pumpkin). Pour into an enamel bowl 200 ml of water and after boiling, throw it sliced ​​carrots and cabbage. After 10 minutes add the potatoes, cover and simmer until complete cooking, about 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Once the vegetables are cooked, chop them in a blender, or place them on the gauze, folded in 2-3 layers, mash them with a fork in stainless steel, make a likeness of gauze bag and squeeze out of it mashed potatoes. Then they get the right consistency. The remaining vegetable broth, add 1 tsp 25% strength salt solution, 2 drops of vegetable oils and vegetable frayed. If the puree got enough liquid - add breast milk.

Step 4:

A single serving of food for infants is 200 ml, but the introduction of complementary foods, start with 1 tsp .. to the position of the volume was adjusted during the week. In the second week they replace one breastfeeding or formula. The baby is better to eat a new dish for him - let's vegetable puree before breastfeeding.

Step 5:

When introducing any new food, observe the state of the baby - his skin and digestive system. When a strange rash or occurrence of dyspeptic disorders exclude new dish and consult a doctor.

Step 6:

Most often, the vegetables do not cause any problems with digestion. And after 1-2 months to the basic ingredients can be added to vegetable puree zucchini, beets, cauliflower and green peas. The amount of oil can be increased to 1 tsp