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How to enter the child meat

The meat in the diet of baby appears in the second half. This product is necessary because the child's body fills amino acids that participate in the formation of new cells and tissues, i.e. are the building blocks of all organs. Since the first year of life, there is an intensive growth and development of the child, the meat in the daily menu, baby is necessary.

How to enter the child meat

Instruction how to enter the child meat

Step 1:

Meat is a more complex product to digest, so the kid enzyme system should be ready for it. For this to 6.5-7 months start to enter into the diet of baby once solid foods in the form of broth of lean beef or chicken. Due to stimulation of gastric juice it increases the activity of the digestive system.

Step 2:

Broth start giving your child as any lure, a small amount (5 ml), and within a week, bring a portion to 30-50 ml. In the broth add croutons of white bread. Meat broth and let the meat at lunch before the vegetable puree.

Step 3:

With 7-7.5 months, give your child a good broth with pureed in a meat grinder beef or chicken meat. To prepare the stuffing of raw and cooked meat, use different grinder. Also, start with a small amount. The first portion of meat for the child is about 5 grams (1 teaspoon). By 8 months it increased to 30 grams, and a year to 60-70 In addition to beef and chicken meat is useful to give children pureed liver. It is a source of iron and is especially shown babies with low hemoglobin.

Step 4:

With 10 months replace beef meatballs. Let's take them with vegetable puree for lunch. And for 12 months enter the steam cutlets. Cook them with egg yolk and also add to the vegetable puree.

Step 5:

Thus, to the meat in the diet, the baby should be almost every day. And only one or two days a week set aside for fish food (9-10 months), which, like the meat is a source of protein. Broth improves the secretion of gastric juice, must therefore be at Menu children, especially poor appetite.