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How to enter the first solid foods your baby

Your baby is growing by the minute, and this is now coming period, when it's time to introduce solid foods first. Important: Do not worry, remember that you - the best mom and you will succeed!

How to enter the first solid foods your baby

Instruction how to enter the first solid foods your baby

Step 1:

Where to start solid foods - it's up to you. There are many proven techniques, but the consensus or not. Let's try to consider the various options start feeding: start with children's apple juice. On the very first day to give one drop of juice from the pipette, see baby reaction (skin rash, a chair, and so on. D.) Continue to constantly increase the number of drink. This method has its drawbacks: the kid quickly get used to the sweet taste, afterwards he can be very difficult to perceive the taste of vegetables or meat. The same applies to the procedure start feeding with fruit puree.

Step 2:

Start solid foods with vegetable puree: a good option. The first step is to choose vegetables such as cauliflower. broccoli or squash - it is hypoallergenic products, which are generally very well tolerated by the baby. You can buy ready-made mashed potatoes in jars or cook it yourself - it's very simple: a few minutes to put out the steamed vegetables and then crushed using a blender. Salt child up to a year is better not to give.

Step 3:

You can start with the lure of porridge. Personally, I chose this type of feeding and have not regretted for us: the child quickly got used to porridge, gained weight (there was a shortage). Cooking porridge quickly and easily. I begin with a liquid porridge, which gave the bottle, looking at the reaction of the baby, then made thicker and gave her baby with a spoon, gradually increasing the dose. Start with oatmeal or rice porridge. Incidentally, the porridge is not recommended to be given to children up to six years.