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How to enter the fish in the diet

Fish is one of the most useful products. Therefore, it must necessarily be included in the diet of a young child. The main thing - to know at what age and in what quantity.

How to enter the fish in the diet

Instruction how to enter the fish in the diet

Step 1:

The fish contains a lot of protein, which is responsible for the structure of the child's body cells. In addition, it is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fluorine, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium.

Step 2:

Start typing in the fish diet of the child is not earlier than after 9-10 months of baby's life. Meet the child with a new dish very carefully and gradually.

Step 3:

First, let the baby fish on the tip of a teaspoon, each time increasing the dose. 2-3 weeks bring the volume to 100 grams. Include in the diet of a young child fish dish is not more than 1-2 times a week.

Step 4:

Pediatricians recommend giving children water fish (salmon, hake, cod, flounder). It rarely causes allergic reactions and contains a large amount of useful minerals for the development of the child. From river species is better to prefer trout, pike or carp. They have a very tender meat and large bones.

Step 5:

Fish dishes better prepare yourself. For this purchase only fresh and defrosted fish in specialized stores. Try not to buy ready-made canned fish and mashed potatoes, fish in them can not be sufficiently crushed and poor quality.

Step 6:

In the initial stages of the introduction of fish in the diet of the baby, let him just mash-shaped dish, enter krupnoizmelchennye to 11 months, and after 1 year - dishes cooked slices.

Step 7:

Fish - a very useful product, but despite the large number of advantages, it also has a significant drawback. The fish can cause allergy. So be careful when adding it to the diet of your baby. Keep an eye on the child's body's reaction to this product. If you notice any allergic symptoms, immediately contact your pediatrician. You may need to postpone the introduction of fish dishes in the diet of the baby until the age of 3 years.