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How to enter the meat in Lure

Introduction to the diet of the kid meat products is an important step in his life. The exact date will help you determine the pediatrician, as earlier introduction is fraught with allergic reactions and excessive load on the digestive system of the baby, and the belated introduction can develop anemia and lack of vitamin B.

How to enter the meat in Lure

Instruction how to introduce solid foods in the meat

Step 1:

Give preference for meat industrial products. They have a delicate texture and formulated with maximum preservation of useful trace elements and vitamins. Moreover, it will save you time that is better spent on communicating with your child.

Step 2:

Decide exactly how the meat product you are going to feed the baby. This can be a turkey, rabbit or lean beef. Be careful with chicken meat, because it can cause allergies.

Step 3:

Make sure the product as proposed child: Check the expiry date of the product packaging in the case of industrial production. If cooked meat dish yourself, then make sure that the meat was cooked to the end and had age-appropriate child consistency.

Step 4:

Add half a teaspoon of meat sauce in a familiar baby product that he usually eats with pleasure. It is better to add meat to vegetable purée or soup. Watch the child for the next day.

Step 5:

If the meat product consumption does not cause any allergic reactions, increase the volume of meat product the next day to 1 teaspoon. The next day give your child 2 teaspoons beef pulp etc. Thus, increase the daily amount of meat to the norms, age-appropriate baby. In 8-9 months, it is 30-40 grams to 11-12 months, you can give the baby 50-70 grams of meat per day.

Step 6:

Introduce your child to other types of meat, according to the above items.

Step 7:

The most recent meat product, which is to introduce the child is lamb. It is quite oily and hard to digest.