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How to enter the milk

Many theorists still lead the discussion about the benefits and dangers of cow's milk for children. Due to the conflicting opinions and the majority of parents questioned the correctness and efficiency of the introduction of milk in a child's diet.

How to enter the milk

Instruction how to enter the milk

Step 1:

Opponents of the dairy product in the child attribute this greater dietary phosphorus content in the milk, in which the exchange of the body is directly related to calcium. Excess phosphorus is easily removed from the body, but in children this process is much slower, and this affects the calcium content in their body. A lack of calcium for kids can have a negative impact on their health.

Step 2:

The composition of milk contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for the normal development of the child. It contains basic organic and mineral elements. Proteins contained in milk, are indispensable. In particular protein includes amino acids that uchuvstvuyut in building cells and immunoglobulins that protect the body from viruses and infections. The composition of milk includes virtually the entire table water and fat-soluble vitamins.

Step 3:

Until the child reaches one year of age enter the cow's milk in his diet by adding cereal and vegetable purees. In the application of the milk for the first time is required to dilute it with water at a ratio of 1: 1, gradually reducing the amount of water. Then cook porridge and use in the preparation of vegetable purees already undiluted milk.

Step 4:

Drinking cow's milk can also give your baby only after the first year of life. With good endurance, give your child every day for 200 grams of the drink. Choose only high-quality and low-fat milk, and then it will benefit your child. Even if the child tolerates this product, do not need to give crumbs year-old more than 200 grams of milk per day.

Step 5:

With the introduction of cow's milk in the diet of the child, observe the reaction to this product. In case of any allergic reactions sure to contact your pediatrician.

Step 6:

The unique alternative to milk - special mixtures which are intended for children older than one year. They are produced by many manufacturers and are the kind of dry adapted milk.

Step 7:

In addition to milk is very useful are milk products that fight bad bacteria in the intestines, intestinal flora to establish and promote normal digestion.