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How to enter the second lure

By 6 months of diet grudnichka becomes one lure varied. The daily menu is added to cereal crumbs. With her baby gets vegetable protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

How to enter the second lure

Instruction how to enter the second lure

Step 1:

Complementary feeding begins with 4-4.5 months. Intervals between successive lures are about two weeks: the first is the gradual increase in single servings, and the second on the full adaptation to the new food.

Step 2:

With the introduction of the second feeding, as in the case of the first to follow certain guidelines. Start with a small amount, ½ tsp to the baby get used to the next meal gradually. Let's mess before feeding breast milk until crumbs still have an appetite. Prepare food for a few minutes before feeding, and not in advance.

Step 3:

Kids in the first year of life learn better rice starch, followed by wheat, ie, semolina and slightly worse than other cereals. But as you get used and produce the necessary enzymes, after 1-2 months, let's cereal mixed cereals, such as oats, rice and buckwheat. First, cook the porridge infants 5% and then 8.10% for whole milk. You can buy ready-made porridge, intended for baby food. The method of preparation and dosage instructions on the package.

Step 4:

One week after the administration of its cereal replace another breastfeeding. Thus, in 6-6.5 months, your child will receive 2 complementary foods (vegetables, mashed potatoes and porridge) and 3 of lactation.

Step 5:

For optimal performance, the digestive system, separate lures breastfeeding. grudnichka menu should look like this: 6.00 - breastfeeding; 10.00 - porridge; 14.00 - breastfeeding; 18.00 - vegetable puree; 21.00 - breastfeeding.

Step 6:

When the baby gets used to porridge, combine it with vegetables: pumpkin or carrots. And then, for dessert, let's fruit puree.