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How to enter your child in the diet of fish

Fish dishes are useful and easily digestible food. Fish contains large amounts of protein with naturally balanced amino acid composition, vitamins and minerals. This product is characterized by delicate structure, lack of coarse fibers, films, and the connective tissue that gives him a very good digestibility.

How to enter your child in the diet of fish

You will need:

- white sea fish; - Breast milk or formula; - White bread; - cow's milk; - butter; - Salt; - Chopper; - Blender; - Steamer.

Instruction how to enter into the diet of baby fish

Step 1:

Include fish in the diet of baby puree should be from 10-11 months. To do this it is advisable to not earlier than one month after the meat foods. The first dose is 5-10 grams of fish, which corresponds to half a teaspoon. Increase the dose gradually, bringing it to 40-50 g by 12 months (not more than 1-2 times per week). Two-year child should receive 100 grams of fish per day, 2 times a week.

Step 2:

Begin acquaintance with a new dish in the morning. Carefully observe the reaction of the child in the administration of the product. If, after feeding the fish appeared in the crumbs skin rash, vomiting, diarrhea, and general state of health has deteriorated sharply, cancel a new dish, and you should consult with a pediatrician. Perhaps the inclusion of fish in the diet of the baby would have to be postponed.

Step 3:

Prepare first lure of white sea fish low-fat varieties (cod, hake, pollock). Thaw frozen carcass on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. It is not necessary to defrost it to the end. When the fish freed from the icy crust, remove it and rinse under cold water. Thoroughly clean the fish from the bones and skin. Place it in a double boiler and keep it up to readiness. Then whisk in a blender to puree the status and add a bit of expressed breast milk or adapted milk mixture. Serve alone or mixed with vegetable puree or porridge.

Step 4:

Godovalovomu kid who has got a sufficient amount of milk teeth, offer delicious fish cakes. Fillet of white sea fish mince. Add to the resulting mass soaked in milk or a loaf of white bread. Scroll minced through a meat grinder again. Salt it and kneaded until a homogeneous fluffy mass. Form small patties and cook them for a couple of minutes 20-25. Serve on the table, adding a little butter.