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How to equip a room for the newborn

When a baby is born, it is stressful not only for the mother but also for himself. After all, he finds himself in a completely different world, a bright and cold. It is the parents need to help your child easier to migrate those changes. Interior nursery - the most important tool in solving this problem. There are some rules that must be considered when equipping the room for the baby.

How to equip a room for the newborn

Instruction how to arrange the room for the newborn

Step 1:

Rule color As you know, the baby in the first months of life knows its surroundings mainly through visual images and tactile objects. Therefore, the perception of different colors plays the most important role in its development. With the help of color can be divided toddler room into zones: for the rest, feeding, playing games. At the same time be sure to take into account that some colors are on the child as the catalyst activity. These colors include red, yellow, orange. In contrast, the more cool colors (green, purple, blue) to soothe and relax the baby. White, gray, black small children almost do not accept, therefore, in the regeneration of their children's better not to apply. It is better if the room will be the main color pastels and bright colors, you can pick out some highlights. For example, a funny figure in the play area.

Step 2:

Security Rule This is probably the most important rule that must be observed parents. First of all, you need to take care of the floor covering. It is better to make soft, to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. Moreover, the coating must be such that it can be easily cleaned. It is better not to buy in the nursery carpet with a long nap, and use foam polymer. It is non-toxic, easy to clean and resilient enough so that the child could crawl through it. Furniture for children's desirable to get from natural materials. It must be stable, without sharp corners. In an extreme case, you can use a special soft nozzle angles. Chairs for feeding the baby should have latches on the seat to the baby fell.

Step 3:

Rule of light Sunlight is very important for a child. Therefore, the curtains in the nursery should be made of light fabric. Thick curtains can be used when the baby is asleep, so that the light does not interfere with him during a day of rest. For a night's sleep, it is desirable to acquire nochnichok giving weak diffused light. Install it better away from cots, so it does not attract the attention of the baby. In spite of all the rules, remember that the most important thing for a child - a caring and loving parents. And the kid who gets them adequately, is the happiest in the world, no matter how to arrange his room.