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How to explain to a child that is not his father

As long as there is at least some statistics of divorce between spouses, parents will have to explain the absence of a number of unfortunate father. That, as it will make the mother, and other relatives, in many ways can influence the child's attitude, his self-esteem and sex-role relationships in the future. Therefore, to talk about his father should be approached responsibly and with great respect to the former spouse, no matter what happens between you.

How to explain to a child that is not his father

Instruction how to explain to your child that no father

Step 1:

Speak the truth in an accessible form for the child. Even the tragic event a child should know and be at different ages have the opportunity in their own way to interpret it. Do not deceive the child and feed him his father's expectations of returns, the child grows up and begins to understand many things without you, and insult his mother for cheating zasyadet needle in the subconscious.

Step 2:

Tell your child how to love and have begun between you had a good relationship. The fact that he was a welcome child in the family and all, including the pope, his eagerly awaited. It is in a sense the soul of the child warm, ease his worries. In the details of how that relationship soured, it is not necessary to go, it is better to restrict short phrase that began to quarrel frequently and could not continue to live together.

Step 3:

Give an example of their friends to explain the situation to the kid. Or by his peers to show the differences between people. Children from three to four years already understand how they are different, they are, for example, some children like and do not like others. This is a good support for the explanation of dissimilarity mom and dad characters. But it is not worth it to put the blame father, explain the fact of the difference between the people for granted.

Step 4:

Talk about the incident with restraint, but carefully, with respect to his father and the love of past experience. It was your experience, and as a result you have a precious treasure appeared. So please be a wisdom and strength to appreciate what happened. In no case do not disbosom and do not show their resentment, anger or any other negative father. So you call only the guilt of your relationship in the child, but the love of his father, as required by the nature of the baby, the baby will not stop.

Step 5:

Explain to your child that the father's absence is not an indication that he is lonely or less love than the other children. Do not try to out of guilt to give the child more than is given to other children - super-guardianship, the performance of any vagaries - already a surplus. Just shows how you love him, they love his grandparents, often hug and pay attention, listen to the child and talk to him.