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How to feed a baby-bottle-

It is well known expression "I learn smth. at one's mother's knees"But what if this is not the mother's milk? The main thing - do not panic, because the days are long gone when the lack of breast milk from the mother demanded search nurse or getting milk for baby milk kitchen. But when the baby-bottle-feeding is necessary to observe some rules.

How to feed a baby-bottle-

Instruction how to feed the baby-bottle-

Step 1:

Please note that baby-bottle-food is substantially different from the child, fed naturally. And if infants must be given food when they have a need, for children - bottle-made to observe a certain diet. Since the newborn needs to be fed every 3 hours during the day and every 6 hours at night. Upon reaching the age of 4-5 months baby begin to introduce solid foods and to increase the time intervals between the feeding clock.

Step 2:

Keep in mind that during the first spirit weeks of life the number of required mixture for power should be calculated according to a special formula, according to which the multiplied numeric index of 70 if the child weighs 3200 grams and 80, if the child is more than the declared higher weight, the number of past days of the newborn. Pediatricians say that from birth to two months of age, a child should receive a daily rate of food equal to 1/5 of the body weight, which is about 600 ml of the nutrient mixture. As they get older the baby every two months, this rate increased by 100 ml. And it is important to remember that foods such as tea, water or juice, in the scope of supply are not included.

Step 3:

Be prepared for the fact that you may not immediately choose for your baby his favorite mixture. In this regard, during the seven weeks of use of the new product to keep track of the behavior and she feels the baby. Within 5 days, the baby may be allergic reactions, vomiting, diarrhea, or vice versa - constipation, it is perfectly normal, because the body adapts to the new food. If after a week of dangerous symptoms do not stop, it is necessary to change the mix. But be careful, moving to a different mix; cook it this way: Spoon mixture of old and new spoon. This method is the most lenient for the transition to a new diet.

Step 4:

Observe pediatrician regarding your baby's food. So before you enter into the diet of baby food a new mixture, always keep track and record the problems that already exist in the child. This will greatly facilitate you the process of introducing a new product in the diet.

Step 5:

If grudnichki get everything you need from the mother's milk, the children need to bottle-giving water as needed.