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How to feed from a spoon

Feeding the baby with a spoon - a difficult task for some parents. To attract rebnka to food, you can use a variety of diversions. If he refuses to eat, just give him the opportunity to good hungry.

How to feed from a spoon

You will need:

spoon, a plate of food, a toy

Instruction how to feed from a spoon

Step 1:

Correctly pick up the spoon, depending on the age of the baby. When selected guided not only on size, but also for safety. If a pipsqueak still without teeth, take silicone spoon. When a baby has with teeth, give preference to the usual plastic or iron spoon. Do not take too deep, because they will always be food.

Step 2:

During feeding the baby even plant a fairly high chair, so he did not escape from you. If a child is naughty, give him food portions almost symbolic. With a small spoon filling easier to get into a little naughty mouth. When the feeding process does not go, try using distractions. Let's crumbs spoons, rattles, or any other items that will distract your baby. As long as your child busy toy will feed him. When he tired of toys, give him an opportunity to tinker with porridge. While busy with the baby porridge, you feed it.

Step 3:

For older children during feeding can be used not toys, and a verbal distraction. If you choose to feed such a fidget, just tell him stories or fairy tales. When the crumb will periodically open-mouthed, you'll quickly give him another portion of gruel. Just do not type too much acceleration, not to harm the baby.

Step 4:

If your child refuses to eat, give him a chance to get hungry. Also take into account the size of your offspring, as young children need less food. Not to stuff your crumbs every half hour meal. When he wants to, then feed him, and do not force the food. Just remember that the child's body works well, so he knows his toddler diet. Do not interfere in the work of the wise nature - and problems with feeding you will not have.