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How to find an approach to the twins

True twin - these are people who have come from a single cell, it - a miracle of nature, which can be enjoyed for a long time. They look up to the fingerprints that distinguish daktiloskopist can only be experienced. They sometimes even play others, posing for one another. How to find an approach to the twins?

How to find an approach to the twins

Instruction how to approach the twins

Step 1:

First, learn to distinguish between them. This can be done by moles and some small scars, sometimes in this business temporarily help pimples and scratches. Many twins under the general similarity of tone different tone, different posture and gait. Observe and record your observations, preferably in writing, as soon as notice differences.

Step 2:

Second, learn the idiosyncrasies of each of the twins. Temperament and personality type they are usually the same, but the experience and findings of "life" - is different, and therefore different in nature. Girl is engaged in karate, and her sister, a lover of cross stitching, will have a variety of skills in dealing with people, and sometimes form different styles of communication. Many twins specially choose different hobbies, to differ from each other more, because the similarities and the fact that they are mistaken for each other, too tiring. They want to be perceived as different personalities, so you need to come up and talk to them various compliments when dealing with two twins at once.

Step 3:

Third, consider the particular relationship of twins themselves. As a rule, they are independent from the outside world, they have enough of each other, their quarrel is seriously almost impossible. How not to believe her reflection in the mirror, the best friend of childhood and throughout life? To please one of the twins, you win the favor of both of them, disagreement about a particular person in the early stage of love almost never happens. If you have plans for one of the twins, the second is to treat you at least neutral, or best friend dissuade its biological copy. Never try to get his friend out of a pair of twins to choose between you and his brother or sister. The decision will, most likely, not in your favor. The twins do not have secrets from each other, they are close and are ready to share with each other everything. Many twins say they are one person in two bodies. Do not forget about it.