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How to find out early pregnancy

In the smallest of pregnancy a woman can already feel some changes in the body. These changes are called symptoms or signs of pregnancy. Having an idea about them, every woman, even in early pregnancy can determine whether or not she is pregnant. And in time to make an important decision. All of the features can be divided into 2 categories: proved and probable. So, how do you know the pregnancy?

How to find out early pregnancy

Instruction how to recognize early pregnancy

Step 1:

Significant signs of pregnancy If you delay menstruation. This feature is suitable for women with a regular menstrual cycle. If the delay is 5-6 days, you should see an obstetrician-gynecologist. Chances are you are pregnant.

Step 2:

Increased basal body temperature is also considered a reliable sign of pregnancy. If you measure basal body temperature (measured in the rectum) 37 degrees and above, visit a specialist. It is very likely that you are pregnant.

Step 3:

Spend a pregnancy test. Such tests are sold in every pharmacy, and are reliable enough

Step 4:

The most reliable way to diagnose pregnancy in early pregnancy is ultrasonography (US). The presence of the ovum in the uterine body in the short term may be detected only by means of special itravaginalnogo sensor.

Step 5:

Probable signs of pregnancy reaction to smell you become more responsive to smells strange way - there was a non-human nose. The smell of perfume, gels that you liked before, began to irritate.

Step 6:

Nausea in the morning, you feel nauseous, which can even develop into vomiting. Most likely, these are signs of incipient toxicity.

Step 7:

Food addiction There was a craving for pickles or something sharp. This suggests that the body needs a different ratio of vitamins and minerals.

Step 8:

Weakness in the body and sleepy all day you feel weakness, fatigue and drowsiness, despite the fact that sleep, and there was no congestion.

Step 9:

Change in appetite Just lost my appetite due to toxicity, or, conversely, began to eat everything.

Step 10:

The swelling of the breast Your breast has increased significantly and has become sensitive to the slightest touch. The most telling sign of pregnancy. Later appears pigmentation nipples.

Step 11:

Any woman should be aware of the symptoms of pregnancy. After all, it is important to understand just what is happening to you and take a fateful decision that can change your entire life.