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How to find out the first signs of pregnancy

About the future of their lives joyful event, women are more likely to know after menstruation. With regular menstrual cycle, pregnancy at this point is only two weeks. But there are those who seek to uncover the mystery of his fortune even sooner. Early signs of pregnancy can be divided into three categories according to their reliability.

How to find out the first signs of pregnancy

Instruction how to recognize the first signs of pregnancy

Step 1:

The most unreliable can be called just the most common symptoms. Of course, they are found in many, though not all, of pregnant women, but also the causes of these manifestations of the body can be a huge number of different factors. Including non-procreation. Early morning sickness - nausea, aversion to certain foods, a sharp negative response to odors - usually appears 2-8 weeks, but may have to visit a woman in the early days. This is due to hormonal changes in the body. For the same reason the first trimester may be accompanied by fatigue and sleep disturbances. Increasing hormone levels often cause headaches, dizziness and increased pressure. A lowered immunity allows infections and colds easily penetrate into the body. Already in the first days of pregnancy, a woman may feel abdominal enlargement. Of course, this is not related to the growth of the child. Pregnant occurs flatulence loops as a result of increased gas production.

Step 2:

Individually, all of the above symptoms can be caused by various disorders in the body, is not associated with pregnancy. But their population should be alerted. Especially if there were more significant symptoms. For example, at the first or second week, many women feel a tingling sensation in the uterus. Especially sensitive at this stage can become and chest. Touches cause discomfort and pain, increases the volume of show through the veins, dark skin around the nipple. An early sign of pregnancy is the frequent urination. Unfortunately, pregnant women are particularly susceptible thrush. Frequent chills - it is cold, then hot - in pregnant women caused by the elevated temperature.

Step 3:

The most significant symptoms of the ensuing pregnancy include implantation bleeding. It occurs 6-12 days after conception. For some women, it can be expressed pinkish, yellowish or brownish discharge scanty, which is sometimes mistaken for the beginning of menstruation. In fact, they are linked with the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall. But the implantation bleeding is not mandatory, and its absence does not mean no pregnancy occurs. For those who lead a measurement of basal body temperature, a bright signal of the incident becomes a sharp drop in temperature on a single day in the second phase. Later on the development of pregnancy, says the temperature is above 37 degrees. In the first phase of pregnancy the mucous vagina and cervix become cyanotic hue. Finally, after the second week of the pregnancy with regular menstrual cycle in a pregnant woman is a delay. From the first day you can do a pregnancy test, which are more likely to confirm or refute the assumption of pregnancy.