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How to find out the position of the fetus

Waiting for the baby - is not only a joy, but also a very important moment in a woman's life. Mom needs to understand that the future health of the child depends only on itself. Therefore, during pregnancy should be changed not only his life, but also to follow the development of the fetus: to know how to change its size and position. The position of the fetus is important to know in order to avoid abnormal births.

How to find out the position of the fetus

Instruction how to find out the position of the fetus

Step 1:

To know the position of the fetus, it is necessary at the time to register your gynecologist. He will examine you, will appoint the appropriate tests, learn about health problems. It is necessary to find out if you belong to a particular risk, to predict possible complications and help to avoid them.

Step 2:

These complications include oligohydramnios or polyhydramnios, narrow pelvis, abnormalities of the uterus, multiple pregnancy, placenta previa. Only a doctor will be able in time to see the listed deviations and prevent malposition.

Step 3:

Undoubtedly, the position of the fetus can detect obstetrician using stomach feeling. In the initial stages of pregnancy, it is small, so its position is constantly changing (as your future child is constantly moving).

Step 4:

At 34-35 week fetus should occupy a permanent position: head down, facing the mother handles assembled on the chest, legs crossed. Thus, it is ready to be born. This is reflected in the external form of the mother - lowered the stomach. Thus it becomes easier to breathe, it improves overall health (as it reduces the pressure on the internal organs of the mother).

Step 5:

The main method of determining fetal position at the moment is ultrasound, which is carried out three times for the entire pregnancy. Therefore, at this stage gynecologist appoints another ultrasound to confirm their assumptions. Ultrasonography accurately show how is your future baby in the uterus.