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How to fix your posture baby

All parents want their child's health, but not everyone knows that the background to the incorrect posture of the baby occur as early as 1-2 years of life. How to warn them how to fix the violation has appeared, not allowing the development of scoliosis?

How to fix your posture baby

Instruction how to correct posture baby

Step 1:

Obtain a toddler mattress and a small semi-rigid cushion to maintain the correct position of the spine during sleep. The softer the bed of the child, the more chances he has to face the problem of "bad back."

Step 2:

To strengthen the muscles and to develop good posture helps gymnastics. Regularly make a child a set of simple exercises. Use of gymnastics ribbon or a special stick. For example, here is one of the exercises: the kid raises a stick or tape over his head, holding the ends, then twisted her hands behind her back and forth. After that, make a turn with a ribbon (stick) to the right and to the left.

Step 3:

Very useful passively hang on the bar, or wall bars. After the child was hanging a bit (as he can), remove it and gently put it on the floor. If he will jump alone, stretched again vertebrae will be displaced and will not effect on training.

Step 4:

Record your baby in a swimming pool. Swimming, like any other sport, is shown in violation of posture and scoliosis, because water naturally relieves the spine while strengthening your back muscles, making them strong and durable.

Step 5:

Solve complex problems. For proper development of the child's body, which is one of the main conditions for the prevention of occurrence of violations of posture, provides general hygiene regime. Provide your child a balanced and regular meals, sufficient exposure to fresh air, to properly combine rest, sleep and study, encourage your child the skills of correct body position when he sits or stands, use the tempering procedure. At least once a year visit the children's orthopedic doctor.