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How to force a child to eat meat

Rapidly growing child needs a balanced and varied diet. The diet should be present vitamins, minerals and proteins - the basic "builders" of all body cells. Meat - the main source of protein. With 7 months begin to give the baby mashed meat. When the child grows up, enter into cutlets diet, meatballs and other meat dishes. If the kid is naughty and refuses to eat meat, you can resort to a little trick.

How to force a child to eat meat

Instruction how to make the child eat meat

Step 1:

Perhaps the child was not to the taste it is beef or chicken. Try to cook a dish from a different kind of meat. For example, make meatballs of veal or rabbit cook tender fillets. Bake the meat in a delicious and crunchy breading from corn or oat flakes, sesame seeds or breadcrumbs. Chop or cutlets can be poured palatable sweet sauce, as long as it was not too spicy.

Step 2:

Try the usual everyday meal turned into a small holiday. Gives the dish an attractive appearance. Pitch of the products or a face funny animal figurines. Little gourmet will be delighted and will certainly appreciate your culinary arts.

Step 3:

Many kids love fresh pastries. Prepare baby pancakes with meat casserole, roll or pastry. Older children treat celebratory pizza with several kinds of meat.

Step 4:

Cheat and to mix a bit of meat to another dish. The finished meat is good chop, better to do it in a blender and add the food. For this fit turkey or chicken, they will be invisible to other products.

Step 5:

Do not get angry and try every day to feed the little fussy meat. This can cause children's protest, and the baby for a long time at all abandon him. Offer only a few times a week, meat dishes, the child missed the varied food and, finally, appreciate your efforts.