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How to get along with a child

How hard it is sometimes to get along with a child who insists on his own. During the next three-year child of your tantrums bowl overflows your patience to the brim. Wise parents are advised in such cases to remain calm and firmness.

How to get along with a child

Instruction how to get along with a child

Step 1:

Respect your baby. Your child - not only malorazumnoe creature, requiring constant care. This is a complete and independent person with their desires and aspirations. Do not treat the request as a child to something insignificant. If the demand is not the baby will give you much trouble, do it. For example, do not neglect to request the baby look like a frog floats, and tell about the peculiarities of its behavior. Your child will thank you, and his horizons expanded.

Step 2:

When responding to requests threatens the health of the baby or violates rules of behavior in society, be strict and consistent. Explain to your child why you forbid him some action. Ask the child should not be granted under any pretext, be it "for a short time". "a little bit" or "once all". And the next time a similar situation occurs, the ban should remain in place.

Step 3:

Try not to use in communicating with the child swear words, raised voices, battering. The latter is only justified in extreme cases, when a pipsqueak overstep the limits of what is permitted, and other tools do not help. Slap on the soft spot is only possible without malice and is strictly for educational purposes.

Step 4:

You love your child and, whatever happens, be on his side. One of your parental responsibilities - to protect your child under all circumstances. For other protection from him yet.