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How to get help in the garden

If your child already attends a kindergarten or you're just going to write it in a day care center, you may need different certificates. Which - depending on the situation.

How to get help in the garden

You will need:

- an appeal to the head of the kindergarten; - Treatment in Goro.

Instruction in how to take out the FAQ garden

Step 1:

Refer to the kindergarten head who visits your child to take any help. If the competence of the head of the preschool institution issuing such certificates is not included, you will be directed to the City Department of Education (Goro).

Step 2:

If you wish to receive monetary compensation in connection with the fact that you have been denied registration of a child in kindergarten because of lack of space, please contact your local department of social protection of the population with a set of relevant documents. The desired list of securities includes a certificate from the nursery school, which confirms the fact of the failure of your child at the kindergarten. In addition to the reference you need an application for compensation, birth certificate, certificate of family composition, your passport, a copy of the bank account, the order on maternity leave or employment history.

Step 3:

If the child transfers from one kindergarten to another, refer to the former head of preschool with a request to give you a vaccination certificate, medical card of the child and the form 63 (reference for admission to kindergarten). Make sure that the medical map was displayed the date of the last visit to the kindergarten child, and made a record of the absence of quarantine in the group.

Step 4:

If your child leaves the kindergarten and enters the first grade of secondary school, take away from the preschool child's medical history and vaccination certificate. In addition, some schools for admission to first class customer requirements specifications of the kindergarten. In this case, contact your tutor your kid asking you to write a response. Then reassure her at the head of the preschool.