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How to get on the waiting list to kindergarten in St. Petersburg

Getting a place in a kindergarten - it is a problem for many parents of preschool children, including those who live in St. Petersburg. However, to simplify the registration of children in the queue, the city government has developed a system of electronic filing.

How to get on the waiting list to kindergarten in St. Petersburg

You will need:

- passport; - Child's birth certificate; - Child medical card.

Instruction how to get on the waiting list to kindergarten in St. Petersburg

Step 1:

Prepare documents that you will need when registering the application. These include your passport and birth certificate, as well as a medical certificate or card, if a child because of health problems should attend a special kindergarten.

Step 2:

Go to the website dedicated to the provision of public services in St. Petersburg. It combines a variety of functions, including the statement on the queue for a place in kindergarten. "Electronic reception" go to the home page. In it, select the desired type of service - learning. Among the categories list, scroll to the admission of applications for admission to kindergarten.

Step 3:

Fill in the online form provided on the website. In the first step, enter the information about one of the child's parents - his surname, first name and middle name, nationality, address, phone number and email address. If necessary, the address for a residence permit, if it is different from the actual. Next, fill the section with their passport data - series and number, as well as the place and date of issue.

Step 4:

Go to the second step, dedicated to information about the child. Enter the full name, date of birth, as well as the number and series of the birth certificate. In the third step, leave information about their preferences when choosing a nursery. Select the area of ​​the city where you live and where you want the kindergarten for your child. Also specify the date from which you want to start driving a son or daughter in kindergarten. If a child needs a specialized kindergarten, fill in the fields intended for information from the medical records. Also note the appropriate fields tick if you are entitled to preferential receipt of space in the garden.

Step 5:

After making sure that all fields are filled, click "Apply." In your e-mail will be notified with a confirmation of registration.