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How to get power to the dairy kitchen

In many regions of the Russian Federation, local governments provided assistance in kind to families with young children in the form of baby food and dairy products. The composition of the aid and the age of children who are entitled to such assistance may be different in different cities.

How to get power to the dairy kitchen

Instruction how to get power to the dairy kitchen

Step 1:

For food on a dairy kitchen to find out if food is available in your city and on what terms. Typically, such information can be obtained from the Department of Health.

Step 2:

If your city provides delivery of power to the dairy kitchen, you have to consult a pediatrician in the clinic, in which your child is observed. The pediatrician will write you a prescription for a month on food, which will be specified the composition and the amount of generated power. Also, you will be assigned a number, which you will need to call on every visit to the dairy food. This number is recorded in the child's medical card.

Step 3:

Seek a recipe for a food you can each month to the 25th day.

Step 4:

After receiving a prescription, take it to the dairy kitchen that relates to your site. The recipe you will be picked up. In the future, every time you visit you will call your number and you get the allotted power.

Step 5:

Note dairy food operation. Usually extradition products produced early in the morning, once in two days. Often, if you only get milk, you can come once every five days.

Step 6:

In some cases, you can negotiate with pediatricians about the replacement of certain items in the list issued by the products. For example, if your child is happy to eat cottage cheese, but on the whole milk he is allergic, ask the pediatrician, is it possible to replace milk in the additional portion of curds. It happens that the doctor is able to meet you.