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How to get rid of food allergies in children

Food allergies - a fairly common disease of childhood. The causes of this disease may serve a variety of factors: genetic predisposition, unfavorable ecological environment, diet violations mother during breastfeeding and others.

How to get rid of food allergies in children

Instruction how to get rid of food allergies in children

Step 1:

At the first sign of a food allergy (different skin rashes, nausea, violation of a chair, etc.), contact your doctor immediately: pediatrician or allergist. The specialist will examine the child, hold allergic history (find out who and what in your family had an allergic reaction), analyze the diet of the parents and the child, as well as prescribe the necessary tests to help identify the allergen.

Step 2:

Eliminate product-allergen from the diet. If a food allergy is detected in a child who is breastfed, the mother should abandon the use of all potential allergens for two weeks. If the newborn is located on an artificial or mixed feeding, it is likely that the cause of food allergies is a cow's milk protein. In this case it is better to go to a specialized hypoallergenic mixture, after consultation with the doctor.

Step 3:

Keep track of your child's diet. By-products of allergens include cow's milk, nuts, chocolate, eggs, mushrooms, fish, fruits and vegetables, orange or red shades. Do not let the baby foods containing food dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers and other harmful components. Remember that the use of natural products exclude the development of food allergy.

Step 4:

Do not forget that the child's treatment should take place under medical supervision. In cases of mild food allergy, usually helps a special diet, and in more severe cases are used: physiotherapy, homeopathy, external therapy. Food allergy can be treated by removing the cause. According to statistics, only 1-2% of children the disease is lifelong.