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How to get to kindergarten in Yekaterinburg

Acute shortage of places in preschool - daily phenomenon and have continued. Very often the problem faced by the inhabitants of large cities such as Yekaterinburg. In this connection, think about entering a kindergarten is necessary immediately after the birth of a baby.

How to get to kindergarten in Yekaterinburg

You will need:

- child's birth certificate; - The passport of one of the parents; - Documents on the right to benefit.

Instruction how to get to kindergarten in Yekaterinburg

Step 1:

So, your baby was born. You've got a birth certificate. Now is the time to enroll your child in kindergarten. Within one month after the birth register in the district department of education in Yekaterinburg. The site of the city administration, please read the schedule of experts not to waste time.

Step 2:

Bring along all the necessary documents: a birth certificate, a copy of the passport of one parent. It is better to show your passport of a parent registered in the same area as the kindergarten, because Entry is at the place of actual residence of the child. Write a statement to the head of the education department in two copies with the request to provide your registration queue number, to avoid changing the situation or loss of this number.

Step 3:

If you are a benefit recipients, then prepare the necessary documents proving the benefit. The exact list of benefits to find a specialist department, where you will stand on place. All inquiries must be submitted in originals and copies. When writing a declaration addressed to the Head of the Department of Education indicate all the documents submitted for registration. Then, in March - April, write a statement to include your child in the children's category, with first right of admission to preschool. Ask in writing, issue an answer to your application.

Step 4:

If you can agree to work with the leadership, then take the petition for your organization to provide a start in kindergarten. If you are a single parent, then submit an application to issue the certificate of the name of the chief of the district Social Security that you assigned to the state social assistance as a needy family. Then you have the right to go into the category of beneficiaries.

Step 5:

In March - April, go re-register the queue to make sure it has progressed. Once you have issued a ticket, head to the head of the kindergarten. Write a statement with a request to take the child to preschool. Bring along all the necessary documents: passport, birth certificate, medical insurance policy.