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How to get to kindergarten logopaedic

Kindergartens, having specialized speech therapy group, is designed to correct abnormalities in the language development of children. To arrange to his child, parents need to go through several stages.

How to get to kindergarten logopaedic

Instruction how to get into the garden logopaedic

Step 1:

First of all, parents need to determine the need for their child care professionals. Regular monitoring local pediatrician will allow to draw conclusions about the speech development according to age norms. In case of rejection of the direction he will give a speech therapist for consultation.

Step 2:

Inspection of child speech therapy performed as a specialist in children's clinics, and teacher - speech therapy kindergarten. He makes his opinion on the degree of deviation and its causes. If the deviation is amenable to correction, the technician holds her own. In the case where the deviation deeper, the teacher - speech therapist directs the kindergarten child in the psycho - medico - pedagogical consultation (PMPC).

Step 3:

PMPC specialists should make a comprehensive examination of the child. As a rule, it is carried out such experts as a teacher - a psychologist, a teacher - speech therapist, teacher -. Pathologist, etc. Each of the experts puts his diagnosis. The general conclusion of PMPC specialists a recommendation to attend speech therapy kindergarten. They are also the parents of the child issued direction in the specialized kindergarten for giving it to the Department of Education Administration of the city (district).

Step 4:

Department of Education on the basis of the direction of PMPC should provide a ticket to the recommended kindergarten. In addition, the department professionals should inform parents about the availability of places in speech therapy kindergarten (Group) for the selection of the optimal alternative.

Step 5:

If the mass kindergarten are speech therapy groups, based on the results of diagnostic examination and the conclusion of psycho - medico - pedagogical consultation preschool, the child also goes to PMPC. In the case of a positive decision, the child is transferred from a mass group in speech therapy on the basis of the order of the head of the DOW.