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How to give the baby vegetable puree

Mother's milk and a mixture can no longer meet the needs of 5-6-month-old baby in nutrients. Therefore, with this age child needs to introduce solid foods. The first dish can become a vegetable puree.

How to give the baby vegetable puree

Instruction how to give the baby vegetable puree

Step 1:

The first vegetables in a child's diet - zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower. They have a delicate structure, is well absorbed by the body baby, do not cause allergic reactions and abdominal distention in infants. All new products enter the foods in the diet of the baby is very small portions, starting with half a teaspoon. Finish feeding her baby, or a mixture.

Step 2:

Three days to see the reaction - whether the crumbs manifestations of allergies and digestive problems. If the skin is clean baby, chair normal within one to two weeks, bring the dose to age norm (150-180 ml) by replacing the vegetable lure one day feeding. First, prepare a one-component puree, as addiction crumbs in a dish, add one new vegetable. The finished sauce can refuel with a few drops of unrefined olive oil.

Step 3:

Purée should be given with a spoon, but first it must be quite liquid. When a child learns to shoot a good meal with a spoon and swallow, go to a thick consistency. With the advent of the baby teeth food may contain some well-boiled pieces - for training chewing. The child is 10-12 months, boiled vegetables you can just mash with a fork. Gradually, the kid will learn to have a thick and dense dishes.

Step 4:

If your child did not initially like broccoli puree or, for example, zucchini, do not worry. Calmly remove the plate and give the child the breast or a mixture. The next time you cook cauliflower for him, pumpkin, turnip or carrot puree. See how a pipsqueak will bring a new food. Rejected baby products offer try again in two weeks to three.