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How to give the quail eggs for children

Meat and quail eggs are considered to be among the most valuable health food. The benefits they bring to the body, it was known in ancient times. It is also important that the quail eggs with pleasure eat children, who like their miniature size and colorful shells. However, this product is not only attractive in appearance. Quail Eggs have a pleasant taste, nutritious, are not allergenic and do not cause side effects such as diathesis.

How to give the quail eggs for children

Instruction how to give the quail eggs for children

Step 1:

Quail eggs are highly sterile, for this reason they can be used even for small children - a day for one or two eggs. The child who ate two eggs a day develops faster, less sick, better stores information. The following rates of consumption of quail eggs for children. From one to three should give the child one or two eggs a day, three to ten - three eggs, from ten to eighteen years old child should consume about four eggs a day.

Step 2:

Many doctors believe that the greatest benefit of bringing the raw quail eggs. They consume half an hour before meals and washed down with juice or water. This technique continues for three - four months. But about whether or not to take any raw eggs, the more children there are many disputes. It is believed that the quail are not ill with salmonellosis. The reason is that their body temperature is higher than that of chicken, salmonella and survives only in such an environment. But now still cases of infection were recorded. Therefore, many pediatricians do not recommend feeding children raw quail eggs.

Step 3:

Egg before use should be thoroughly washed with soap and a sponge, it is important not to damage the shell. Then the eggs are gently immersed in boiling water and cook for two minutes after boiling. Longer handle them is not necessary. So you keep all the nutrients and protect yourself and the baby from infection.

Step 4:

We should not forget about the benefits of the shell of quail eggs. Especially its use is important in the early years of a child's life, when the body occur more active processes of bone formation, require large amounts of calcium. Shell quail eggs should be thoroughly cleaned, let it dry and pound into powder. Then, this powder sprinkled with slices of lemon, that kid should be given several times a day.