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How to give your child a gift

What child does not love presents! On Christmas and New Year, Birthday, or the Day of Knowledge adults delight their kids attention. And the children are waiting for gifts not only on holidays. The arrival of the guests, excellent grades in school - a good excuse for a surprise. And if he handed in an unusual way, it will long be remembered.

How to give your child a gift

Instruction how to give baby gift

Step 1:

The easiest way of presenting a gift - a beautiful design it. Use the wrapping paper, foil, ribbons, ribbons. Sew beautiful material from the bag, pour to sweets, tie a ribbon-bow. Many kids love stuffed toys. Decorate them with a bow, hang on the neck plate with the name of the future owner or little animals. That there was an element of mystery, pack a toy in a beautiful box. Packaging can be very diverse. It can both hide and display the essence of the gift. Accessories for drawing wrap in the reproduction of some paintings of the great artist, cut from a magazine. Set for embroidery pack into the material, which is then useful for sewing. For school supplies suitable plastic folders.

Step 2:

Use methods that have become traditional for New Year. Invite Santa Claus put presents under the tree, under the pillow. From the West came the custom of New Year's gifts to put in socks and stockings knitted from colored thread or sewn from colorful scraps.

Step 3:

If your child has an important event and wishes the whole family, you can use the verses. First-graders, for example, on the Day of Knowledge, so you can congratulate. Child morning waking, he opens his eyes and sees that the room is decorated with beads and flowers. Relatives are elegant, and the hands holding gifts. Mom: Dear son, I congratulate you, I send you loving to school. And to you I am, sonny, heard, Here's cell. I'm waiting signala.Papa: I wish you to learn "excellent", Men will be my gift decent. (Gives dumbbells) .Babushka: I'm his grandson, neither more nor less, Socks beautiful night svyazala.Dedushka: Learn to be you "five"I'll take on a fishing trip. (Gives a fishing rod).

Step 4:

If your child is very mobile, active, loves to solve all kinds of mysteries, play around with it in the Rangers. Hide the present in some secluded place. Under the pillow child put a note that the following guidelines specify the location. Depending on the age of the text of the note can be: "Under favorite chair grandmother". "Stand facing north and go through the five steps". "The leaves of my mother's favorite flower". Such secret places should be 4-5. This exciting adventure can bring the child back to the nursery, where the table next to the bed lay a gift. If the gift is large, such as a bike, you can hide in a closet, behind a chair, in a closet, a shed.

Step 5:

Next game "Hot - cold". Hide the present in the room at any convenient location. The child tries to guess where. He calls some mesto.Eesli is next to the present, then say "hot". If the far - "cold". Aim of his words: "warmer". "colder". In this game comfortable to play, if the gift is small.

Step 6:

Kids love balloons. Use it for presenting a gift. One of the balls put a note, which is a gift. Arrange the balls in different rooms. Ball hide a note so that the child found him in the least. By the end of the search he is not only a gift but also a whole bunch of balloons.

Step 7:

A game "Tangled path". It can be used for babies. Cut out of colored paper paws spread out around the apartment so that the child, unraveling the trail, come right to the present. If this doll, let's feet are human. If the teddy bear - a bear.

Step 8:

A game "The quest for the treasure" suitable for older children. Draw a card and a cross mark the spot "treasure". Let card has errors or if it came off a piece. Guys need to look this place. Such a good game in the country. In the search for a child not to submit, otherwise there will be excitement and interest. It would be nice to invite your friends.

Step 9:

Do not forget to live and gifts beautifully packaged. In the cage with a parrot tie helium balloons. Kitten wrap in a beautiful blanket. Puppy hide in a box. Accompany this gift poetry, questions, stories of care features.

Step 10:

You can think of many ways. But if there are no special features, just hand the baby gift. He is always waiting for your attention and participation. And you will be grateful.