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How to give your child a pacifier

Dummy may help the child settle down in an environment where there is no access to mother's milk, or when he was not hungry, but it needs to satisfy the sucking reflex. Parents need to know how to teach a child a pacifier.

How to give your child a pacifier

Instruction how to give the baby a pacifier

Step 1:

Select the appropriate pacifier for the baby. Most often they are made of latex or silicone rubber. The first can be considered more lenient, but the latter are more rugged and durable in use. You can also buy a special pacifier flattened shape to prevent tooth curvature. You can buy several different dummies to understand which one is more like a child.

Step 2:

Sterilize selected pacifier in boiling water. Then give her a child. It is advisable to do this is after breastfeeding established and stable child eats. Time to explore the pacifier you pick and choose depending on the child's needs. It can be given in the case of colic, and for a better sleep, as well as after a meal. Premature babies, on the other hand, it is recommended to give a pacifier before a meal to help the establishment of proper nutrition, especially if it occurs artificially, from a bottle and mix.

Step 3:

Try to keep the baby with a pacifier was not permanent. In this case, according to pediatricians, it increases the risk of ear infections. Keep an eye on the state of the nipple. It must be clean and intact.

Step 4:

If a child is categorically does not want to suck on a pacifier, do not force it. There are other ways of sedation, especially over the age of two or three months. The child is already possible to divert a variety of games and socializing.