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How to give your child an apple

Apple - a very healthy fruit. It contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for the body and strengthen your baby's immune system. Just give this fruit a child you need to properly and at a certain age.

How to give your child an apple

Instruction how to give a child an apple

Step 1:

Apple is fount useful microelements and vitamins C, fructose, glucose, essential oils, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and various acids. This fruit stimulates the appetite and serves as a natural absorbent - cleanses the stomach, like a sponge, absorbing harmful substances. So the apples must be sure to enter the baby's menu, especially as such a delicacy kiddies usually enjoy.

Step 2:

Age when to enter into the diet of an apple, determined by the individual characteristics of the child's digestive system. But usually you can do this in 8-9 months. If he often tummy ache or puchit, put an apple feeding at a later date, or let's not fresh, and baked form without any additives in the form of honey, cinnamon and the like. In any case it is better to consult a pediatrician.

Step 3:

Start feeding with green apples, since allergies can emerge from the red. To do this, scrape off with the apple pulp with a teaspoon and give the baby to try half a teaspoon. Natural fruit is better to choose those in the security that you more or less confident. Impregnated nitrates apple can only hurt, and the taste of it is not the same.

Step 4:

Check the condition of the child. If during the day he does not appear rash and stomach ache, you can repeat the feeding of the next day, gradually introducing into the diet of apple crumbs. A month can increase the amount to 2 teaspoons, but every day is still to give its not worth it.

Step 5:

Alternate feeding raw and baked fruits. To get a baked apple, wash it and put it in the oven as long as it will not be quite soft. Giving it should also be peeled.

Step 6:

After a year, when the baby will have enough teeth, give him the apple into small pieces that are easy to take by mouth. Just before it is required to clean the fruit and watch carefully to ensure that the child does not choke. Do not give him a second piece, until it is completely chewed first.