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How to give your child the breast

Breastfeeding is natural and good for the baby. This food, and drink, and in close contact with the baby's mother. Properly organized breast feeding to avoid digestive problems in crumbs, ensure good growth and weight gain, generates a strong immune system.

How to give your child the breast

Instruction how to give the baby the breast

Step 1:

Select a suitable place for feeding, where you and your child, no one will bother.

Step 2:

Wash your hands and chest baby soap, even if outwardly they look clean. The body of an infant is not able to withstand even the most innocuous microbes, so failure to comply with hygiene can lead to intestinal infections.

Step 3:

Treat breast with a piece of bandage soaked in boiled water.

Step 4:

Decant drop of breast milk, applying slight pressure on the areola. This is necessary in order to get rid of germs penetrating into the milk through the nipple.

Step 5:

Place your baby on your lap or next to you (depending on your location at the time of feeding) and put it in her mouth nipple. If your baby sleepy, touch the little finger to the corner of his lips. Work search reflex and crumb wide open mouth. Make sure that the baby is completely captured the nipple and areola. With good attachment you will not experience discomfort during feeding. Wrong breast grab your child threatens painful cracks.

Step 6:

Hold the breasts with her hands, so she did not close the spout baby.

Step 7:

Offer the child a breast at each feeding. Human milk can be divided into front and rear. Initially, it is translucent - a front milk, it quenches the thirst of the baby. Rear milk a thick, white or yellowish. It is more than fat, so it is good nourishes the child. If you frequently change the breast during feeding, the baby will not have time to get to the rear nutritious milk and soon want to eat again.

Step 8:

Rinse the breasts after feeding, to wash away the remnants of her milk.