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How to go to the decree before 30 weeks

Gestation each woman proceeds differently. The Russian legislation stipulates that only the 30 th week of pregnancy, a woman may go on maternity leave. However, for many reasons, some pregnant women need to go to the legitimate vacation ahead of schedule, so they begin to search for different ways and solutions to this problem.

How to go to the decree before 30 weeks

Instruction how to leave in a decree before 30 weeks

Step 1:

Almost every woman goes through such a condition, such as pregnancy. Some women easily get to work, to hold the required hours and go home with ease. Others are in the period of gestation baby feel great fatigue; aggravated past health problems appear swelling, skin tone and blood pressure. Often there are times when a woman needed medical treatment or hospital stay. Pregnancy - is a huge load on the body with which to cope.

Step 2:

Normal pregnancy lasts about 280 days or 40 weeks. According st.255 Labor Code of the Russian women on their application granted maternity leave of 70 calendar days before childbirth and 70 days after birth (in the case of singleton pregnancies). Those. woman goes on maternity leave on the 30th week of pregnancy. There are several ways to get away on maternity leave early.

Step 3:

If you have health problems make an appointment to the district physician and complain of feeling unwell. The doctor will prescribe sick leave for not going to work legally. If there is any particular disease, you can turn to narrowly focused specialist: a cardiologist, neurologist, etc.

Step 4:

When difficult proceeding pregnancy, threat of miscarriage or other problems, refer to the gynecologist, watch your pregnancy. He will be able to refer you to the hospital for treatment or observation of the condition of the fetus. At the end of treatment in the hospital also issued a medical certificate.

Step 5:

Write an application for leave. In accordance with article 260 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation before the maternity leave at the request of the woman she is granted an annual paid leave, regardless of length of service with the employer. Those. you are given the opportunity "was done on" a month before 30 weeks of pregnancy.

Step 6:

If you have older kids up to 14 years, in case of illness of the child local pediatrician can give you a sick-child care at any time, regardless of gestational age. In any case, a woman alone or with the help of your doctor will be able to resolve the issue of an earlier departure on maternity leave. After all, the priority here is always calm woman and healthy, full-term baby.