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How to go to the toilet after giving birth

Having a baby is not only a joyful and long-awaited event in a woman's life, but also the emergence of problems that can significantly dampen the first days of stay in the hospital. What you need to know to not get hung up on the physiological moments, and to devote himself to the care of the baby?

How to go to the toilet after giving birth

Instruction how to use the toilet after giving birth

Step 1:

If you give birth the natural way, go to the toilet to urinate may be, as soon as you get up and go on their own. If you lie in the ward in which the allowable residence relatives, ask them to help you get to the toilet. The first hours after childbirth, you can see the weakness and dizziness, possible fainting are dangerous. If you find it difficult to urinate, try to do it in the shower - Warm water relaxes. At first, try to go to the bathroom every two hours. Filled with bladder presses on the wall of the uterus, making it difficult to shrink it.

Step 2:

If you have stitches in the perineum, to observe good personal hygiene. After going to the bathroom to wash baby soap without fragrances and change pad. Gaskets should be changed every three hours. After birth, going strong spotting and mucous vaginal wall be exposed to infection.

Step 3:

But go to the toilet for a long time do not want to by and large. Before birth the woman made a cleansing enema and the first days of food must comply with carbohydrate-free. If you have stitches in the perineum, the emptying of the bowel is better to postpone the third or fourth day. Prior to this, insert a candle softening, so you do not have to push. All this you are now contraindicated.

Step 4:

Women who have given birth by caesarean section, the first few days can not be inserted, so as not to split the seams and deteriorated state of health (not all anesthesia is well tolerated). If you wanted to help, but there is no strength to get up, ask the nurse to put you to the catheter.

Step 5:

After Caesarean special care need external seams. They are not removed or seventh day, or they are themselves soluble (depending on the material used).

Step 6:

If after the birth you started to torment constipation is likely to be due to psychological problems. If you are breastfeeding, you need to take a laxative very carefully. It is better to stay on herbal preparations, or take one tablespoon of olive oil a day.