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How to grow a baby nails

Human fingernails, even very young, are an indication of his health. In their state can diagnose many diseases. Often parents notice the child's stunted growth of the nail plate. In most cases, the perpetrators of their poor condition is a health problem. Many children also celebrated a nail-biting, due to which the nails become brittle, brittle and exfoliate.

How to grow a baby nails

Instruction how to grow a baby nails

Step 1:

Poor nail growth or lack of it often speaks about the present state of the child's illness. The main enemy is the polish of calcium deficiency and vitamin. So watch out for meals the kid. Eat more foods that contain beneficial ingredients such as milk, cottage cheese, cheese, butter, caviar, red fish, and others. It is equally malicious enemy is considered onychomycosis (or fungus), the treatment of which should be binding.

Step 2:

The nails of the child may stop growing due to disorders of the immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. To dispel doubts, show the kid a dermatologist, pediatrician, endocrinologist, mycologist. Do not self-medicate. It can remove the external symptoms, left untreated the main cause of the disease.

Step 3:

A beneficial effect on the growth of the nails daily massage fingertips. This procedure speeds up the circulation of the blood in them and leads to a greater blood flow to the nail plate.

Step 4:

Very useful bath for hands. They can add a little olive oil and lemon, and to further strengthen nails - a small amount of sea salt. Take the pan for 4-5 minutes, and after the procedure just dab hand with a napkin. Salt bath is carried out for 15-20 minutes, then the skin of hands and nails treated nourishing cream.

Step 5:

Excellent stimulates nail growth vitamin E. Grout simply rub into your nails. An alternative to vitamin E is a normal iodine.

Step 6:

Grow your nails can be a child with a mixture of 0.5 tsp baby cream and red pepper. Add in her 20 drops of water and heat in a water bath. The resulting mask is applied to the nails 2-3 times a week.

Step 7:

Often, the child has a bad habit - biting his nails. As a rule, this is due to lack of confidence and a variety of experiences. Get rid of these habits is difficult. It takes a long time. The most effective way there is a child's learning techniques remove tensions. Teach him open and close his fists, breathe deeply, trying to hear his own breath, hold a favorite toy in the hands, etc.

Step 8:

Encourage your baby to take care of their nails, trim the time to them. Make the child European manicure. If a child puts a hand to her mouth, try to distract him with another task. Use examples from your favorite character. They say that good character is not chewing on fingernails, bad - nibbles. And, of course, love the baby more hug and pat. This is the best method of removal of nervous tension.