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How to grow a happy child: the principle of continuity

The child not only closely watching his parents, he feels well what their relationship, why pretend it is useless. You have to be genuinely happy to be happy and the baby. After all, children in 99.9% of cases, copying the behavior of their parents, when, as adults, give birth to his family. And that personal relationships have children in the future are well developed, it is necessary now to follow certain rules of conduct and with children, and with her husband (wife).

How to grow a happy child: the principle of continuity

Instruction how to grow a happy child: the principle of continuity

Step 1:

Elan modern life steals communion with the near and dear ones. Of course, it is important to earn for the family to cook for a family, wash and iron at all. But only material cares enough to maintain the spirit of a strong family. Children grow up, and it will be useless to regret that it was not possible to spend a lot of time with them. And nowhere will complain that children and adults do not find time to communicate with elderly parents, but only try to support them financially. The ability to organize a family dinner, a walk together, trusting conversation - all come from childhood. Never neglect communicating with his family. Look for reasons as much time to spend with loved children and husband / wife.

Step 2:

Do not criticize and do not abuse any child or your other half. If you have any criticisms in honor, then you know that all what they bring it - the desire to defend himself, offended excuses to avoid responsibility, bicker. All this is useless. And happiness is not conducive. If someone from the family made a mistake, help them to draw conclusions, think about how to do better next time. Your favorite will surprise you at how they can be wise.

Step 3:

When children believe that they are loved, they learn to love and respect yourself. And it is very important qualities for a happy man. So try as much as possible to talk to your children and spouse / spouse, and parents that you love them. Smile at a meeting - it is a significant indication that you are excited to see them. Do not forget to hug and kiss their children several times a day - for the child bodily contact is very important.

Step 4:

Remember that children - our main teacher. They see the world through the eyes of their parents. And it makes loving parents to be responsible, to constantly monitor themselves. After all, if mom and dad are constantly angry, withdrawal, angry, worried, upset, the children grow up nervous and miserable. And the child grew up a happy person, parents should always monitor themselves and their actions in the family, at work or in any public place.