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How to hang a canopy on the bed

Cot - this is the place where the baby spends most of the time. It is therefore necessary to make it as cozy, comfortable and safe. Now in stores a huge selection of bedding sets. And many suites include a canopy. This ornament cot is a lot of debate among parents. canopies Opponents call it a "dust collector" and "non-functional thing." However, most parents do not abandon the use of this type of decoration cot.

How to hang a canopy on the bed

You will need:

Cots, canopy

Instruction on how to hang a canopy bed

Step 1:

And the reason is not only in the beauty - in veiled four-poster bed baby feels more comfortable, just like in the house. Basic ways of placing a canopy over the crib or two. The first method is to secure the canopy at the head of the crib. Fixed so it will not cover the entire bed, but the baby will come to more fresh air, which is important.

Step 2:

The second method - fasten the canopy on one side. This method is particularly useful if bed is against the wall.

Step 3:

However, no matter how the canopy is attached, do not close them all the crib. Even grid, from which, as a rule, made canopies, impede air circulation. And do not forget to wash it more often - in the canopy is really the dust settles, regardless of whether it is made of any material.