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How to identify a gifted child

Many parents dream that their child was a genius, but somehow manage to miss the talent of their own offspring. To time to help the child develop his abilities, should be aware of a technique to identify gifted children.

How to identify a gifted child

Instruction how to identify a gifted child

Step 1:

Recognize gifted child can be even crumbs. Talented kid little sleep. His first word he utters at the age of six months and a year and says the first sentence. A child before their peers learn to read and count, can solve simple examples already in three years. It is more likely than other children, asks the question "Why", strongly interested in the world around them.

Step 2:

The nature of the gifted child, as a rule, is different from his peers. A gifted child can be a clear leader, confident, reserved and unsociable or prone to depression. Often gifted children have problems communicating with others, children as well as adults.

Step 3:

Gifted children have an excellent memory, easily memorable phrases from books, movies, advertising, and love to quote them.

Step 4:

You think your child is gifted in any field of science or art form - show it to a specialist with high qualification in a relevant field - the famous chess player, artist, math. At the same time, remember that any assessment will be subjective, and the old school people may simply not understand the work of modern child, especially a teenager.

Step 5:

But school grades just are not a measure of giftedness. Often gifted children find school curriculum primitive and uninteresting, so behave badly and prefer to do their own thing. At the same time a normal child who has perseverance and perseverance, can achieve excellent results in the classroom.

Step 6:

If you are a teacher or think that your child may be called gifted, consult a psychologist. He will be able to spend with your baby a number of specialized tests that help identify how brilliant your child, and how it is better to develop.