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How to identify an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

Ectopic pregnancy is a pathological case in which the fertilized egg is not in the uterus. This is due to the inability of the fallopian tubes to fulfill its intended purpose - transporting the fertilized egg into the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous for a woman's life, so it is very important to timely diagnose the pathology.

How to identify an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

Instruction how to identify an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

Step 1:

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages are very similar to symptoms of normal pregnancy: delayed menstruation, morning sickness, breast tenderness, etc.

Step 2:

As a rule, women do not attach importance to the characteristic signs of ectopic pregnancy: a pulling pain in the abdomen, low blood pressure, accompanied by dizziness and syncope, vaginal bleeding and a feeling of heaviness in the perineum and rectum. These symptoms may be signs of disease, but in the presence of at least one of them is important to see a doctor urgently, so that he has appointed the necessary examination. After all, if the ectopic pregnancy is detected at early stages, it is possible to do without surgery.

Step 3:

Normal pregnancy test and a blood test for hCG ectopic pregnancy as a normal, positive. To diagnose an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages can be if in time to notice a decrease in the blood of women chorionic hormone secreted by the placenta. This hormone promotes the blocking function of the ovaries to develop a new egg.

Step 4:

Identify possible ectopic pregnancy using ultrasound of the uterine cavity by means of which it can be assumed about the existing pathology in the early stages. From 2-3 weeks of pregnancy extrauterine diagnose her character is possible by means of transvaginal ultrasound conducted by introducing a special probe into the vagina.

Step 5:

To identify an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages can be, having diagnostic laparoscopy - a procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. It uniquely allows you to set the pathology.

Step 6:

If a woman is faced with a situation of ectopic pregnancy and the need for surgical intervention, following her pregnancy must take place under the constant supervision of a doctor.